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Our Insulation services include the total installation for both residential and commercial settings. We also remove and dispose of existing insulation as needed. 

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I have worked in the construction industry since 2007. I spent 10 years employed by a local home builder and thoroughly enjoyed the building process. However, during that time I decided to venture out and start Icon Insulation. Owning and operating Icon Insulation has given me the opportunity to provide quality products and customer service to residents of California while allowing me the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with my family. I was raised with the standard “if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time” which is why we call ourselves Icon Insulation.

At Icon Insulation, we believe in honest hard work and that our customers deserve the best service.

Whether you are a contractor with a tight schedule or homeowner in the midst of a remodel, we are here to help.

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Firestopping Systems:
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Designed to maintain the Fireproofing of a Wall or Floor Assembly; Allowing it to Impede the Spread of Fire and Smoke

Soundproof Insulation:
Interior walls, Subfloors, etc...

Sound Absorption in Between Rooms

Thermax and Rigid Insulation Sheathing

Designed for Thermal Protection, Reduce Building Energy Use, Control Indoor Temperature, Air and Moisture Barrier


Insulation Firm Bakersfield & Visalia WIDE

Ceiling, Wall & Attic Insulation Removal Services in Visalia and Bakersfield

Insulation is an important aspect of any home and these days, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a house without Insulation. Insulating your home can benefit you in many ways.

If you're concerned about Insulating your home properly, then what are you waiting for? Icon Insulation offers professional Insulation installation services at highly affordable prices. The Insulators that come to your home are experienced and trained professionals who can handle all kinds of insulation needs for both residential and commercial owners.

Our Insulation services in Bakersfield and Visalia include the complete installation process for both residential and commercial options. You can rely on us for all kinds of insulation requirements including the wall, ceiling, attic Insulations, etc! We also take care of removing any existing Insulations (if required) before making Insulation installations.

Icon Insulation performs insulation projects on a weekly basis at both commercial and residential owners so it is no surprise they have years of experience working with various types of insulation products.

At Icon Insulation you will find a variety of insulation products suited specifically for each installation type. Insulation products include:

Fiberglass Insulation – Fiberglass insulation is made from glass fibers that are bonded together with a resin. The properties of fiberglass insulation depend on the density and quality of the glass used to make the product. Glass fibers found in fiberglass insulation acts as a great insulator by trapping air from an exterior environment thus preventing heat loss or gain.

Cellulose Insulation – Cellulose Insulation is created by taking recycled newsprint and mixing it with water to form a slurry, creating a paste like substance. Next, this material is sprayed over the existing structure's insulation at very high pressure until completely covered and adhered to surface. This process can also be done using other types of paper such as cardboard boxes. Cellulose insulation can be blown in or sprayed on an existing house or commercial buildings walls, ceilings and attics to insulate them in the most efficient way possible.

Blown Insulation – Blown Insulation is also known as loose fill insulation because it literally fills up cavities in walls, floors, attics etc. during installation with little to no compression needed at all. It works by propelling the insulation out of a blowing machine into open cavities. Once expelled into cavity air pockets, the material will settle down to fill every nook and cranny available until completely covered. This allows homes and commercial spaces to retain warm air in winter months and cool air in summer months thus reducing energy loss significantly.

Attic Insulation – Insulation Services offered by Icon Insulation also include insulation of attics for home and commercial buildings. Insulating the attic is one of the best ways to save money and energy especially if your attic is uninsulated or has very little protection from hot or cold air that is allowed to escape into the living area. This installation process usually performed during roofing repairs so no additional costs will be necessary, also insulation can be blown in or sprayed on existing ceiling joists with the most efficient results.

Commercial Insulation – Insulators working for this company are experienced in all sorts of situations when it comes to commercial spaces such as office buildings, warehouses etc.

Commercial insulation services offered by Icon Insulation include these office building installations: Ceiling Insulation, Walls Insulation, Floor Insulation and Basement Insulation.

Ceiling Insulation - Ceiling insulation is applied to an existing ceiling by blowing in cellulose or fiberglass insulation into open cavities between joists using a special tool that works on the same principle as a snow blower. This process usually produces excellent results if performed correctly because it fills up all available space without leaving any clumps or big pockets of air stuck inside. Joists must be exposed during this job so insulation can do its magic and since materials used for this installation are fire resistant containing no hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, it won't cause any problems if you decide to use Icon Insulation's services.

Wall Insulation – Insulating exterior walls of a home or commercial building is done by blowing in cellulose insulation through open seams and cracks. Insulation is forced into the cavities created between framing members and siding materials thus filling up air pockets that can cause heat loss or gain during winter or summer months.

Basement Insulation – Insulating the basement is one of the top priorities for any homeowner because the cold temperature outside can easily find its way inside due to less protection from the foundation not containing insulation itself. Insulators working for this company will remove old insulation from your basement if necessary, clean off dust, dirt or cobwebs using a special machine with replace it with new insulation while sealing around cement foundations to prevent heat loss during winter months and heat gain during summer months.

Floor Insulation – Insulating your floors is also very important because the process allows you to reduce energy bills by between 20-50%. Insulators working for this company will remove old insulation in case it has already been installed, seal out air leaks between floor joists using special materials and install new insulation that will prevent heat loss during winter months and heat gain during summer months thus saving you money on heating or cooling costs. This service can be applied in all types of homes including log cabins, single family homes, manufacturing facilities etc.

If Insulating your home is a task that you're thinking about, then why waste time? Insulate with Icon Insulation and Insulate yourself from the cold! Give us a call today at (661)-426-3704 for more information on Insulation in Bakersfield and Visalia.


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