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Complete Insulation Installation

Our Insulation services include the total installation for both residential and commercial settings. We also remove and dispose of existing insulation as needed. 

An Expert Insulation Contractor

CA License #1051157

Insulation Detail

How we got started

I have worked in the construction industry since 2007. I spent 10 years employed by a local home builder and thoroughly enjoyed the building process. However, during that time I decided to venture out and start Icon Insulation. Owning and operating Icon Insulation has given me the opportunity to provide quality products and customer service to residents of California while allowing me the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with my family. I was raised with the standard “if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time” which is why we call ourselves Icon Insulation.

At Icon Insulation, we believe in honest hard work and that our customers deserve the best service.

Whether you are a contractor with a tight schedule or homeowner in the midst of a remodel, we are here to help.

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Quality Work at Competitive Rates

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Wall Insulation

Attention to Detail Guaranteed

Roof/Ceiling Insulation

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

Attic Insulation

Customized to Your Preferences


Air Sealing

Stop Air Leaks Throughout Your Home's Envelope. Save Energy & Money

Radiant Barrier, FSK, and PSK Foil Paper

Stopping Radiant Heat is Your First Line of Defense

Insulation Removal

Healthy Clean Fresh Air in Your Home


Firestopping Systems:
Edge of Slab, Top-of-Wall, Bottom-of-Wall, etc...

Designed to maintain the Fireproofing of a Wall or Floor Assembly; Allowing it to Impede the Spread of Fire and Smoke

Soundproof Insulation:
Interior walls, Subfloors, etc...

Sound Absorption in Between Rooms

Thermax and Rigid Insulation Sheathing

Designed for Thermal Protection, Reduce Building Energy Use, Control Indoor Temperature, Air and Moisture Barrier


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